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Our Services

Providing the best customer experience for creating new design content for whatever your need may be, at an affordable rate, with a professional quality finish.

Responsive Web Design

Making affordable websites that are easy to navigate, mobile friendly, enriched with data keyword integration for SEO and visually appealing to your customers

Custom Video Design

I passionately strive to make your video stand out and be memorable. A personal video, 3D logo entrance or even a product or service video can make a world of difference for your business when done right! Same thing applies to the more personal and sentimental videos that we can create for you. The right photo slideshow video with the right music can leave lasting impressions on you and all that watch it as well.

Graphic Design

Logos, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Cataloges I have designed all types of marketing material that your business may need and spent countless hours researching new designs and graphic trends. We'll help with your marketing needs today.

Web Hosting

Once we finish creating you that awesome website, we can also host the site for you and are available to make all the future changes necessary as quickly as possible so you can go back to doing what you do best..running your business.

App Design

Using HTML 5, CSS 3 & Javascript, combined with Dreamweaver CC, Android Build and Adobe Phonegap, i can design one app to run on all mobile platform devices. Contact me for a free consultation on app development inquires. .

what we do

Need help with that design. A creative video for a special occassion? Company marketing materials? Designs that are visually appealling? And let's not forget, AWESOME!? We can do that!


Building a custom website includes many facets of work from the designer. It is important to consider all aspects of the business or individuals position and how they want their Brand/ Products/ Services to be communicated. Let's get to the heart of what your business is about.

I work directly with the client first with a hour consult to determine their needs and wants. The consult is 100% FREE. (I EVEN BUY THE COFFEE!!) I like to build a relation with clients before I build them their website.

My website package details include the following;

  • -Consultation and Design requirements.
  • -Custom Wordpress or HTML 5 Responsive Design choice.
  • -Domain, email, host set-up and current website transfer services provided.
  • -Search Engine Optimaztion Key word integration.
  • -Live Google Map, Contact Form, Social Media Links
  • -You Tube or Vimeo video embedment if preferred
  • -Excellent Photography & Photoshop services provided.

Video Designs

Whether it is making videos for your companies products & services or your own special events and occasions, I passionately strive to make your video stand out and be memorable.

Photo Slideshow Videos

I typically design 2-4 minute videos based on the pictures provided or depending on the alloted time that you would need. Each video is crafted with musical accompaniment to elevate the overall impact the video will have. The song chosen is usually best suited for the video but I also can incorporate special requested songs aswell.

The right photo slideshow video with the right music can leave lasting impressions on you and all that watch it.

The 2-4 minute category video is our standard length, however, I can easy make them longer for an additional cost.

Occasions to Consider

  • -Anniversaries.
  • -Valentines Day.
  • -Funerals or Memorials.
  • -Milestone Birthday Events.
  • -Wedding Day.
  • -Special Events.
  • -Product / Services Video Intros.

Custom Video Designs

Vantastic Views also specialises in the creation of Logo video intros and exits for various video marketing promotions. Create an exciting and impactful 2D or 3D Video Logo for your company that can be used as a video intro to all other video blog or video updates that are posted onto youtube, facebook or any other social network platform that your company uses..

I can also design, film and edit your new company tradeshow video. Proposed video drafts and styles would be presented. A day of filming on location and possible interviews if requested. The final product would be accompanied with special sound effects and a score and produced in multiple formats for your companies different needs.

I have also filmed and edited a handful of wedding videos. These videos are elevated with special effects and graphics, filmed with a proven successful formula that makes for a very enjoyable watch of the events of the day.

Graphic Material and Development

When it comes to creating a brand, communication and identity are 2 important aspects to consider.

Unfortunately, more times than not, customers perception of your print material transfers over to how they percieve your company. It is more important, in today's ever competitve market place, to have professional looking marketing material that can produce a positive outlook from the target customer for your business.

I have the right tools and resources to create professional, themed print material that will accentuate your brand.

I also have great connections with the printing companies in Red Deer and can also deal with the printing and delivery of product to you so you don't have too.

Graphic Design Services Include the following;

  • -Business Cards.
  • -Tri-Fold Brochures.
  • -Product & Service Catalogs.
  • -Flyers.
  • -Tradshow Booth & Banner Designs.
  • -Wedding Invites.

Marketing Consultation

Content coming soon.

Social Media presence

I typically help companies establish their brand through a couple of soical media platforms as to not overwhelm them at first with the varitey of platforms available. Companies should be posting content daily and that amout to publish can become exhausting and taxing.

Therefore, I encourage 2 platforms at first (you can always had more later). I help you decide to focus on where your audience hangs out, which platforms you like using and finally which social media platforms support the content you'll want to post

I'll show you how to organize your content calendars, leverage your content posts across multiple platforms abd introduce to time saving apps and tools like Hootsuite, which manages all your social media posts.

If you do not have time to commit to your social media presence, I can also be contracted to help run yours for you and grow your brand online.

Photography 101

I use a Canon Rebel T5 and it takes amazing pictures. Combined with my mad photoshop Lighthouse CC software skills, your images can be edited to look in just about any way you'd like. I often will take pictures of company products, buildings and staff to include those images in the printed material or the websites of my clients.

Offering a variety of media services, Vantastic Views will discover the best possible solution to your design needs. I take time to invest in your business or personal objectives so i can discover and propose the perfect design solution for you.


Vantastic Views is an amalgamation of both marketing material services and a desire to create exciting, memorable, and impactful video content for both individuals and companies alike.

I love to create visually appealing and user friendly websites too. I do the market research and present the best options available for your specific company industry at very affordable rates! I also include a photography session to capture original content to add to the website or any other marketing material.

Our second passion is online gambling and my team and I are with great pleasure developing our project on the topic of new online casinos in Australia, which allows you to discover the world of exciting online pokey or blackjack.

The skills

I primarliy design all of my marketing materials, web designs and video creations through Adobe Creative Cloud software with the exception of WordPress sites. I believe strongly in maintaining customer interaction and communication so i can produce a product that my clients are extremely happy and excited about. Customer serivce and satisfaction is key at Vantastic Views.

Video Design 90%
wordpress 80%
html & CSS Web Design 85%
photography 70%
Graphic design 80%
photoshop 90%

The Man. The Myth. The Legend

I am pretty easy to work with, have a great sense of humor and extremely talented...and also, modest too! I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your needs for your next web, video or graphic project.

Chris Van Hyfte

Designer, Visonary, Male Model, Protector of the Innocent, All round modest guy!

Chris holds both 2 diploma's in Fine Arts and one in Marketing Management where he received two prestigous scholarships for his academic achievements. He current is the head of Marketing for an Oil & Gas company in Red Deer, Alberta.

wHY mobile MATTERS

It is estimated that 80% of consumers use smart phones to shop and research companies. Social Media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are popular engines for trending ideas and views. These days, mobile traffic is just as important as desktop traffic!

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